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How to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage This Summer

Winter 2021 was harsh. There were lots of snowstorms, grey skies, and layered clothing. Your skin got used to the cold weather and the lack of sunshine. But spring is here, and summer is close behind which means that you may need to find ways to protect and maintain your

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Visit Our New Ottalaus Salon Location in South Jordan!

At Ottalaus Salon, we’re thrilled to make an exciting announcement — we’ve opened another branch in South Jordan! Our new full-service salon enables us to serve even more customers from around the Salt Lake City area and Utah County. Where Is the Ottalaus Salon in South Jordan? Our hair and

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Will Aloe Vera Help My Hair?

When you think about aloe vera, you likely first think of that lovely green gel that brings sweet relief to your skin any time you accidentally spend too much time in the sun. However, aloe vera — a thick, gelatinous substance that is naturally formed within the thick leaves of

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