Will Aloe Vera Help My Hair?

When you think about aloe vera, you likely first think of that lovely green gel that brings sweet relief to your skin any time you accidentally spend too much time in the sun. However, aloe vera — a thick, gelatinous substance that is naturally formed within the thick leaves of the aloe vera plant — has been used over the centuries by many cultures for its myriad health-boosting properties. Further, what you may not realize is that this natural substance also has a ton of benefits for hair as well. It’s true!

It strengthens your hair.

Do you have brittle or fragile hair? The abundance of vitamins A, C, and E all directly contribute to cell turnover, which means hair becomes healthier and shinier. Aloe vera is the key to having hair that looks enviably radiant.

It removes excess oil. 

Do you struggle with oilier-than-normal hair and can’t quite find a fix that doesn’t also strip your hair of its health and integrity? Aloe vera is the solution. It removes all that annoying oil while keeping your hair looking as vibrant and healthy as ever.

It reduces scalp itchiness.

Do you suffer from a dry scalp and, as such, find yourself constantly scratching for sweet relief? Not only is this irritating for you, but it can also be terribly embarrassing whenever you’re in public. Once again, it’s aloe vera to the rescue.

It may promote hair growth.

While the clinical evidence of this one remains unproven, aloe-conditioned hair often results in less hair breakage and the curtailing of loss. Plenty of people also claim that they notice their hair growing faster. Again, while it has not yet been clinically proven, it certainly doesn’t hurt, particularly since lost nutrients can lead to hair loss, and aloe vera is perfect for re-infusing your hair with such nutrients.

These are some of the big advantages of using hair products containing aloe vera. Our salon is proud to carry an abundance of such hair-care products available for purchase. What other aloe vera benefits for hair have you taken advantage of?

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